Refillable Jars to Keep Your Spices Fragrant and Fresh

Reduce waste and save money on reusable spice jars.

byEdmund Torr|
Refillable Jars to Keep Your Spices Fragrant and Fresh
Time to get creative with labelmakers!. Unsplash/Heather McKean

Spices don’t last forever. Over time, their essential oils will dry, leaving them lifeless and flavorless. This is why you always have to store them in airtight containers. But you may notice that spices are often available for much cheaper in plastic bags than in the little glass containers. So why not buy empty containers and fill them up yourself?

Squarely Stackable
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These items also include an array of stickers for your seasonings, so you’ll know exactly what they are.

When you buy spices in glass jars, you’re paying a premium: you’re not just buying the spice, you’re buying the jar, too. But if you already have your own jars, which you can wash and reuse, there’s no need to do that. Opt for glass jars, which are non-porous, so they won’t stain or smell.

Classic Look
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These are practically begging for cute handwritten labels.

When using clear glass spice jars, you’ll want to make sure to tuck them somewhere out of the light. Light and heat can accelerate the aging of your spices, making them go bland and flavorless faster. That doesn’t mean clear jars are bad; it’s nice to be able to see what’s inside. You’ll just have to store them in a cabinet.

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The sides of this product might be opaque metal, but there’s a see-through top so you can know what’s inside.

Refillable spice jars aren’t just good for spices. They’re super useful for holding small amounts of anything—honey, jam, salad dressings and more. They’re one of those kitchen purchases that you’ll find no end of utility for.