Pot Racks For an Organized and Easy-Cooking Kitchen

Rack up some serious points in your kitchen organization game.

Pot rack with skillets stacked.
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If you’ve ever lived in a home with kitchen storage issues, you know that keeping your cookware easily accessible and neatly organized is imperative to making it functional. Luckily you don’t need to be a professional to whip your cookware storage into shape—you just need the right tools for the job. Pot racks offer a multitude of benefits in small spaces. Here’s what to look for.

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Customizable Storage

Vertically stash pot covers, baking sheets, and other items on this product for easy access.YouCopia

If you tend to have a mix and match approach to pots and pans, make sure to look for a rack that allows you to customize it to fit your cookware. Simply adjust your rack’s dividers, height, width, and length to accommodate the size of your cabinet and cookware.

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Stack Up or Stack Back

Multiple tiers allow you to vertically store your skillets and covers without ruining non-stick surfaces.Simple Houseware

Before buying a pot rack, determine where you’re storing your cookware. If you plan to keep it in a large drawer or deep cabinet, a horizontal rack makes the most sense. If you have a tall cabinet, stacking your pans and lids vertically might be a better option.

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Kitchen Overhaul

Keep all of your cookware and lids stacked and in one place. Simply customize height and spacing to suit your needs.MUDEELA

Pot racks aren’t specific to cookware organization. It’s okay to think outside of the box a bit and use a rack for storing your bakeware, cutting boards, and other bulky kitchen items that can be tough to manage.