Sip Better: Milk Frothers to Up Your Hot-Drink Game

Fancy a hot beverage? Coming right up!

Why pay top dollar for a store-bought coffee when you can make your own professional-grade cup in your own kitchen? A milk frother does exactly what it sounds like—adds a layer of foam to your drink—but which one is right for you depends on your budget, interior-decor taste and what kind of froth you like (yes, there are different types)!

Rainbow Hues

Just pop in two AA batteries and let the rust-resistant metal do the work. Zulay Kitchen


If you’re a froth sloth—i.e. you want something quick and easy—a handheld frother is the no-nonsense option for foaming your frappe in a hot minute. Those who like a clutter-free counter should choose a battery-powered appliance instead of a plug-in for easy cabinet storage.


Whip up a designer drink in two minutes flat! This whisper-quiet, large-capacity pick has temp control and memory mode. Miroco


A nonstick, detachable stainless steel model not only looks good, it’s also easy to clean and can be very lightweight. If you’re the forgetful type (who isn’t?), choose one with an automatic-shutoff function.

Splurge Worthy

This dishwasher-safe beauty uses induction heat and spinning to create a smooth, creamy finish (instead of giant foamy bubbles). Breville


If you seesaw between liking lattes and craving cappuccinos, consider an option with removable discs. A cappuccino disc will create a thick and creamy froth, while the latte disc makes your beverage smooth and silky. Most frothers work with any kind of dairy or non-dairy substitute, with the heavier types (like whole milk) creating the creamiest blend.