Low Sugar Candy with Zero Artificial Sweeteners

Yes, you can enjoy gummies and chocolate without bucketfuls of sugar.

Looking for a tasty alternative to your favorite candies, with zero artificial sweeteners? We’ve got you covered.

Berry Burst

There’s an impressive 28 grams of fiber in each pack. SmartSweets

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These bags of fish are sweetened with stevia, and contain only 3 grams of sugar per pack. They get their berry-red color and flavor from fruit and vegetable juices.

Family-Owned Business

Pick from five different flavors, from coffee to coconut. Numa

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Each of these milk chews come individually wrapped for on-the-go sweet snacking. Two pieces contain only 8 grams of sugar, less than half of that of most miniature candy bars. These chews also boast 4 grams of protein per serving.

Cute Collectible

Each pack comes with an educational card printed with fun facts about a different country. BEAR

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These roll-ups are made with a full cup of fruit per pack. Choose from juicy flavors like strawberry, mango, raspberry and apple. One roll contains 4 grams of sugar.