15 instant pot holiday desserts that will be a hit at your next party

These easy treats are full of seasonal flavor.

byAudrey Goodson Kingo| PUBLISHED Dec 18, 2018 7:17 PM
15 instant pot holiday desserts that will be a hit at your next party
It actually tastes as good as it looks. cookiesandcups.com

The holidays are here and you’ve got a million things to do. If you’ve signed up to bring a homemade treat to your next holiday potluck or family dinner, there’s good news: The Instant Pot makes desserts too! All you have to do is a bit of prep work. Then, just let your pressure cooker do the rest. The pot is actually perfect for making smooth cheesecakes and moist breads, and you’ll be oh-so-thankful for a few extra minutes of free time to wrap gifts or nurse a glass of wine. Here are 15 of our favorite holiday desserts you can make in your pressure cooker:

A holiday classic, made easy. lifefamilyfun.com

Free up space in your oven for the ham and sides by making pumpkin pie in your Instant Pot. Multitasking at its tastiest! Via Life, Family & Fun

Because is it really Christmas without candy canes? thefoodieeats.com

Peppermint bark is a perfect holiday treat, but it takes a lot of hands-on effort. Peppermint bark cheesecake is equally delicious, but easy to whip up in your Instant Pot. It's a Christmas miracle. Via The Foodie Eats

Perfect for dessert … or breakfast … or snack time … gingercasa.com

If you want a sweet treat but you're counting calories, these simple baked apples are a seasonal delight that take just 13 minutes to prepare. Via Ginger Casa

Get a taste of the holiday staple—without alcohol. marginmakingmom.com

The eggnog cream cheese icing on top of this moist and dreamy bundt cake will be the star of your holiday party. Via Margin Making Mom

The best part? You don’t have to worry about presentation. 5minutesformom.com

Fruit crisps are an extremely underrated dessert—they're delicious and also extremely low pressure. Just toss in the ingredients, and let your Instant Pot do the rest. Via 5 Minutes for Mom

Here’s to hoping it lives up to its name. adventuresofanurse.com

Not only is this one full of ooey gooey chocolate, you can make it in just 11 minutes. Via Adventures of a Nurse

These make a great gift too. pressurecookrecipes.com

Maple syrup and a hint of sriracha help make these candied pecans an addictive treat with a gourmet look—perfect for parties or gifting. Via Amy + Jacky Pressure Cook Recipes

Skip the store-bought stuff this year. sixsistersstuff.com

Sipping cider by the fire is practically a holiday requirement, and this easy Instant Pot version is the perfect way to indulge. Via Six Sisters' Stuff

A gingerbread dessert your kids will actually eat. thefoodieeats.com

Sure, gingerbread cookies are cute, but good luck getting your kids to eat them. Use your leftover cookies to make a yummy crust for this simple cheesecake. Via The Foodie Eats

It’s got fruit, so it’s healthy, right? adventuresofanurse.com

Tired of apple pie? This decadent bread will satisfy your apple cravings, but takes far less effort than rolling dough. Via Adventures of a Nurse

Red Velvet Cheesecake
Red Velvet Cheesecake

It’s two delicious desserts in one.

Combine the Christmas color of red velvet with rich cheesecake for a dessert that will definitely impress your friends and family. Via Upstate Ramblings

Sweet, smooth and made with fresh sweet potatoes. melaniecooks.com

This Southern alternative to pumpkin pie is perfect for the Instant Pot. Via Melanie Cooks

This one takes a bit more work, but you'll get an A+ for presentation. youcanliverichonless.com

What's better than a white chocolate cheesecake with a vanilla Oreo crust? A white chocolate cheesecake with a vanilla Oreo crust and sugared cranberries. Via You Can Live Rich on Less

Add 1 cup of bourbon just before chilling overnight for a boozy beverage. thefoodieeats.com

The Instant Pot is actually the perfect place to make eggnog—this method uses a water bath to help prevent the eggs from scrambling. Via The Foodie Eats

It actually tastes as good as it looks. cookiesandcups.com

With a crust made of buttery Ritz crackers and a salted caramel topping, the best part about this divine cheesecake might be the fact you can store it in the fridge for up to five days. Via Cookies & Cups