Hot Sauce Gift Sets for Your Favorite Spicy-Food Lover

Put some spice in your life.

A pile of peppers
Douse all your favorite foods in these fiery sauces.Ivan Torres, Pexels

If your loved one keeps mini packets of hot sauce in their bag, if they dot the stuff on every meal, if their spice tolerance is completely unrivaled, they need one of these gift sets in their life.

Made in Portland

Secret Aardvark Combo 3-Pack
Use these as traditional hot sauces or as marinades.Secret Aardvark

Unlike most gift sets, these popular artisanal hot sauces made in Portland, Oregon come in full 8 oz. bottles, so they’ll last through far more than one or two meals. The habanero gets a sweet smokiness from roasted tomatoes, the heat of the Jamaican jerk blend is tempered by a splash of dark rum and the black bean and garlic sauce steps up any stir-fry.

Handmade in Brooklyn

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Trinity Sampler
BTW, these hot sauces are vegan and gluten-free.Queen Majesty

These flora-and-fauna-inspired 2 oz. bottles contain three sauces that range from mild (jalapeno, tequila and lime) to very hot (habanero and black coffee). Bonus: They will look incredibly chic sitting on your kitchen table.

From Very Mild to Fiery Hot

Thoughtfully Gifts, The Good Hurt Fuego: A Hot Sauce Gift Set for Hot Sauce Lovers
Comes with seven hot sauces packaged like little firecrackers.Thoughtfully

True hot sauce fiends know that it’s the flavor of the hot sauce, not necessarily the level of heat, that matters. This set of seven boasts a mild chipotle pepper that still packs a bold, smoky taste, and increases in spice to the burn-your-mouth-off ghost pepper blend.

Travel the World

Thoughtfully Gifts, Hot Sauce Flavors of the World: 30 Pack Hot Sauce Sampler Set
Test 30 hot sauces inspired by flavors from all over the world.Thoughtfully

This is an exciting gift for any hot sauce aficionado—and easy for you to send, since it comes in a gift box which you can personalize with a custom message. It’s important to note that these sauces are inspired by flavors from all over the world, and don’t actually come from the exotic locales. Still, we like that this set gives the recipient the chance to try a new sauce every day for a month.