Food Storage Containers to Keep All Your Leftovers Fresh

You want to keep food fresh. Here’s how to do it.

Down shot of food in storage containers
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It seems like one thing we can never have too much of is food storage containers! But they come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials that picking the right ones can be confusing. Here’s what to look for when figuring out what set is right for you.

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A storage container for food needs to be sturdy and have an airtight lid. You want to make sure your food isn’t squished and ruined, Plus, the more air your leftovers are exposed to, the quicker they’ll oxidize and go bad. The right container will also make sure your food’s odors don’t stink up your entire fridge. It’s also nice to have different sizes of containers, so you don’t take up more room than necessary in your refrigerator.

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Variety of sizing is great, but it can also be really helpful to have a whole lot of the same size container—and, more importantly, the same size lid. There’s nothing worse than loading up a storage container with your leftovers only to find that every lid in the drawer is slightly too large or too small. It’s also great to have containers that can stack inside each other, in order to maximize the number of containers you can store in a given space.

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Environmentally Friendly

These can go everywhere, including the dishwasher.FineDine

Most storage containers are plastic, and that’s just fine for many uses: it’s affordable, sturdy and easy to find. But if you want to be able to reheat food in the same container, glass is ideal. Glass can reheat in the microwave, it will never absorb odors or colors the way plastic can and you can even use it as bakeware. Yep: glass storage containers can do double duty as casserole dishes or baking trays. You can even bake bread in them!