Cook Better: Festive Aprons for Every Occasion

Want to send a message with your kitchen-wear? Try a cute new apron.

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Aug 12, 2020 8:05 PM
Cook Better: Festive Aprons for Every Occasion
When you smile at what you bake…it all turns out swell. Andra Piacquadio

Aprons keep your clothes clean while you’re in the kitchen. But that’s not all—choose one with a fun message or seasonal print, and they may just put you in a festive mood, too.

Everyday Pick
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Classic and sturdy style perfect for pros and amateurs alike.

Whether you’re a true pro in the kitchen or just want to feel like one, dark colors and pinstripes are the way to go. Bonus points if you go with an apron made from a sturdy fabric that will hold up to thousands of washings such as cotton twill or yarn-dyed polyester.

Retro Vibe
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Fun, flirty style perfect for making a romantic dinner.

Retro-style aprons with full skirts have made a comeback. Some of them are so cute, we wish they were dresses.

100% Cotton
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This one stores everything you need: spoon, spatula, secret ingredients….

Storage space is one consideration when looking for the perfect apron—are you the type of cook who likes to keep their tools at hand? Then you’ll want to look for a style with a big pocket, or multiple pockets, to store your stuff.

Dynamic Duo
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Machine-washable, fade-proof fabric.

Mothers who like to cook or bake with their kids may want to outfit their mini-me in a matching apron. Luckily, there are lots of twin options to choose from.

For Your Hero
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Officially licensed gift for dads who lean toward the Dark Side.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, birthdays or just because, fan swag always makes a good dad gift.

American Cuisine
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Unisex style to show your allegiance to the flag.

You can’t go wrong with red, white and blue for outdoor dinners and barbecues.

Fall into Baking
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A generous cut and extra-long waist strap make this a comfy fit. Comes in several colors.

A brightly colored apron can serve double duty in your kitchen: keeping your clothes clean while you’re cooking, and providing a nice pop of cheer when you’ve hung it back up on its hook.

Season's Greetings
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Made from easy-care cotton you can toss into the wash without worry.

One thing you definitely want to keep an eye on is the care instructions for your apron. No matter how cute or frilly, an apron is bound to get messy. So choose something machine washable that doesn’t need to be treated too gently.