4 Fabulous Gifts For Wine Lovers

These are the perfect present pairings for that glass of Pinot.

Whether their vino of choice is a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a complex Pinot Noir, the wine lover in your life is pretty vocal about their love of the grape. They might already have a sizeable stash of their favorite bottles (although can one ever really have too many?), but there are loads of fun accessories the wine aficionado will appreciate. From totes to adorable tees, these gift ideas are delicious in their own right.

Boxed? Bagged!

You can pour up to 1,500mL into this bag, which comes with its own spout. Amazon

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Tote your wine in style with this preppy striped bag that actually conceals two bottles of wine and provides a spout for the discreet pour. Insulated pockets help keep whites and rosé chilled, making it ideal for a picnic or any other outdoorsy event. Roomy with a cute rope strap, this tote will be a hit.

Push-Button Operation

Break out your favorite burgundy with the touch of a button. Ozeri

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Remove that cork with an easy press of a button thanks to Oster’s rechargeable and cordless wine opener. A thermal stainless steel wine chiller is included as part of the set, for keeping a favorite bottle cool. Great for the wine lover who loves to host parties or likes to leisurely sip their vino without worrying about it getting warm.

Great Gag

This tee is sure to bring a smile to any wine lover’s face. Amazon

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For the pal who is loud and proud about their love of the grape, this t-shirt is too cute not to gift. Made from a soft cotton blend, the pretty merlot color will match the red deliciousness in her glass. Cuff the sleeves, tie a knot at the bottom—style this tee however you like. No matter how you wear it, it’s sure to elicit a lot of compliments.

Funny and Functional

Sure, it’s funny, but this shrink-to-fit product will keep your drink tasty. Amazon

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So the product name will probably make them laugh, but once your favorite wine lover actually uses a wine condom to keep an open bottle fresh, they will appreciate this silly-looking invention. Constructed with “shrink to fit technology,” the Wine Condom seals up nearly any open wine bottle with water-tight and air-tight abandon. Skip the traditional stopper and grab these the next time you don’t want an open bottle of wine to go to waste.