6 donut dessert mashups to satisfy all your sweet cravings

Double down with these mouthwatering treats.

byCandy Kirby|
6 donut dessert mashups to satisfy all your sweet cravings
Rainbow cookies taken to next-level goodness. Glaze Donuts/Instagram

The person who invented the phrase “you can’t have it all” clearly never had a donut coupled with ice cream. As these dessert mashup recipes prove, the only thing better than a donut is a donut hybrid that combines the usual suspects in an unexpected and delectable way.

“Whoever came up with this idea is a god,” writes a person on Reddit. DisguisedAsHuman/Reddit DisguisedAsHuman/Reddit

If you're a fan of whoopie pies, then you'll likely whoop it up when you try this baked oreo donut, which brilliantly merges the recipes for chocolate donuts and Oreo cream dip. Recipes here and here.

Croissant + donut = cronut. istockphoto istockphoto

Invented by Chef Dominique Ansel in his New York bakery, cronuts have only just recently taken the pastry world by storm. A cross between croissants and donuts, they have the shape and creamy interior of a doughnut, along with the flaky, delicate pastry layers of a croissant. Yes, please. Recipe here.

Now that’s a sandwich. SugarSpunRun.com SugarSpunRun.com

Ice cream–filled donuts are what summer dreams are made of. Best of all, they're insanely easy to make. Insert a huge scoop of YUM into your life by simply placing any flavor of store-bought ice cream in between your choice of donuts. As for baking overachievers (you know who you are), you can pair the donuts with your personally made no-churn ice cream. Recipe here.

These taste just like the classic Italian treat. Pillsbury.com Pillsbury.com

Plain cake donuts are used as the canvas for this genius hybrid dessert, taken to the next level when they're filled with a cannoli cream and topped with a chocolate glaze. They are so popular that some bakeries can't even keep up with demand—all the more reason to make your own! Recipe here.

Rainbow cookies taken to next-level goodness. Glaze Donuts/Instagram Glaze Donuts/Instagram

This creative confection might seem heaven-sent, but it actually comes to us from Glaze Donuts in New Jersey—and it's a "jelly-filled, chocolate-covered, multi-colored delight." Rainbow cookies (also known as Italian flag cookies or Napoleon cookies) contain three brightly colored layers of dense cake that are separated by thin jam spreads. Glaze Donuts took the pastry to the next level by shaping their rainbow cakes into rings and covering them in a thick layer of chocolate. The inner layers are made with raspberry jelly and almond paste, remaining true to the original rainbow cookie's roots, which go back as far as 1920, when the tri-colored cookies first started popping up at Italian bakeries in New York and New Jersey. Recipe here.

The perfect collision of two dessert favorites. Pillsbury.com Pillsbury.com

Just when you thought chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows made the ideal flavor trifecta, somebody adds donuts to the mix…and you realize you can improve upon perfection. Meet the s’mores donut, which is—you guessed it—dipped in chocolate, dusted with graham cracker crumbs and injected with a gooey marshmallow center. Once you try one, you’ll be begging for s’more. Recipe here.