Sip Better: Canned Cold Brew to Stock Your Fridge With

Grab a cold one… a coffee, that is.

Unlike iced coffee, cold brew coffee is made with cold water—steeped for a long period of time—for a smooth finish with low acidity and zero sediment.

Goes Down Easy

With caffeine levels similar to one cup of joe, this is a great option to try if you’re looking for a beverage with less of a jolt. High Brew Coffee

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Many brands of canned cold brew have caffeine levels higher than 200 grams—more than the amount in two cups of coffee. If you’re not used to quite that much caffeine, you could be in for a surprise. Opt for a brand with less, especially if you want to drink more than one.

Crowd Pleaser

Super popular pick that comes in three varieties to suit every taste. Starbucks

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Cold-brew coffee is known for its smooth, rich blend that’s easy on the stomach. But that doesn’t mean your beverage has to be flat. Some brands infuse a shot of nitrogen into the can that’s meant to send a refreshing shot of bubbles rushing the moment you pop the top.

High-End Flavor

Strong, smooth finish from Brazilian beans. La Colombe

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Serious coffee enthusiasts want to know exactly where their beans come from. A single-origin brew makes that possible, providing peace of mind that your coffee was reliably and sustainably sourced.