Our Favorite Nostalgic, Comforting Cookies and Sweet Snacks

Satisfy your sweet tooth with snacks that will transport you back to your childhood.

byAriel Wodarcyk|
Our Favorite Nostalgic, Comforting Cookies and Sweet Snacks
Our dreams are filled with Twinkies and Oreos. Donald Giannatti, Unsplash

Sometimes all you need is a mini cake...or five. We don’t judge. Take a look back at these five nostalgic sweet treats that comfort adults and kiddos alike.

Your inner child will light up with joy.

Having a Twinkie in your lunchbox was a big deal. We think it’s still pretty monumental to eat one as an adult—does anything else really compete with that moist yellow cake and sugary whipped cream? We didn’t think so.

This pack comes with twelve two-packs of delicious wafers.

Let’s break these babies down: you get layers of sweet, sugary wafer, coated with creamy peanut butter, all wrapped up in a silky milk chocolate coating. Plus, there’s two in every package.

A Candy-Speckled Confection
Fudgy & Chewy
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This big pack means you’ll always be ready for a snack attack.

Enjoy ooey, gooey, chocolatey goodness with this blast from the past snack. The tiny cakes, studded with colorful sprinkles, are sure to make you smile when you reach for one.

These are even better than your grandma’s!

Why is it that normal oatmeal cookies never taste this delicious? This pack contains 12 of these super soft cookies sandwiched with the same vanilla cream you couldn’t get enough of as a kid.

These make great mini fudge pops if you put them in the freezer.

Even your littlest ones will love these chocolate and vanilla pudding treats. They’re certainly sweet, but they’re made sans high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives and trans fats.