Bake Better: Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Stand Mixer

A quality stand mixer might require an up front investment, but it can become the workhorse of your kitchen. Find out how here.

Breads. Cakes. Muffins and cookies. You probably already know that a stand mixer can whip up these batters and doughs. But a great stand mixer can do more than that—it can be your second set of hands in your kitchen. Here’s why a quality stand mixer is worth the investment.

Iconic Design

Save some cash with this certified refurbished product. KitchenAid


Yes, a stand mixer can help you make all your favorite desserts. But you might not realize the variety of savory recipes you can create with it, from pasta dough to guacamole or mashed potatoes. Using a stand mixer for everything from dips to side dishes means you save time beating, kneading or mashing by hand. Think of a mixer as doing the heavy lifting for you while you concentrate on doing the skilled stuff, like getting just the right sear on a steak.

Accessible Quality

This product packs a powerful motor, but won’t be too loud. Aucma


Quality stand mixers are built to last—and for some mixers, this will mean for years (and years and years). With proper care and cleaning, it’s not unheard of for some mixers to be passed down in families to the next generation. Fortunately, it’s not too complicated to keep your mixer in great shape. If you wipe down the body after every use and hand wash your attachments, then you should be set. We like the high-tech touches on this mixer like the 15-minute countdown timer that ensures all of your ingredients will be properly combined. It also has a gentle-fold function that’s great for not over mixing delicate cakes and pastries.

Lots of Attachments

Whether you’re making burgers, noodle dishes, or bread, this kit comes with everything you need. KLARSTEIN


By adding attachments to your stand mixer, it can go from making the basic cake batter and bread dough to grinding meats, making homemade pasta, chopping veggies and even making ice cream. If you’re a fan of fresh noodles, look for a mixer that comes with pasta attachments.