Bake Better: Accurate Measuring Spoons to Make All Your Favorite Recipes

Cookies and cakes and no mistakes.

byAmanda Green|
Bake Better: Accurate Measuring Spoons to Make All Your Favorite Recipes
You can’t guesstimate baking soda!. Pexels/Suzy Hazelwood

Cooking is a largely improvisational art, but baking requires scientific precision. If you’re going to think outside the boxed mix, you’ll need measuring spoons that are 100% accurate. Here are three things to consider before buying a set for your kitchen.

Complete kit for assembling recipe ingredients.

Measuring spoons come in a variety of materials, so consider your options before you shop. Stainless steel has become the standard, because it’s sturdy, dishwasher-safe and the markings are usually etched, which makes them easy to read for years to come. Plastic is inexpensive and sturdy, but can stain, absorb odors and even melt in high temperatures. Glass is easy to clean and won’t rust or scratch, but it’s most susceptible to breaking when dropped or shattering in high temperatures.

Non-slip handles with engraved markings for a lifetime of use.

Measuring spoons are traditionally held together with a removable ring for easy storage inside a cabinet or hanging on a pegboard. If you have a smaller kitchen with limited storage, however, you might be better served with a modern magnetic set that keeps spoons stacked tightly enough to fit in a shallow drawer… or on the refrigerator.

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Easy-to-use tools with multiple scoop shapes in U.S. and metric measurements.

Measuring spoons aren’t one-size-fits-all anymore. If you live in an international household, consider buying a set that comes with markings for U.S. and metric measurements. Spices and other ingredients can be difficult to get out of small jars, but double-sided spoons come with wide and narrow scoops for each unit of measurement. Pretty soon there won’t be any excuse not to bake from scratch!