3 Chocolate-Flavored Coffees to Try

Flavored coffee has made a comeback. Let’s get sippin’.

Traditionally, chocolate java has been consumed in the form of mocha, a drink made with espresso, steamed milk and actual chocolate flavoring. But if you want to bring a little bit of that chocolate fanciness to your own morning joe, give flavored coffee beans a try.When coffee beans are infused with cocoa flavor, the result is usually a unique blend of richness and acidity from the coffee with the smoothness and sweetness of chocolate. Here are three to try at home.

Deep, Rich Flavors

Slow-roasting gives you some of the strongest cocoa and berry tastes around. Amazon


Opt for the regular chocolate flavor or add a fruity kick with the chocolate and raspberry option. The beans are lightly roasted, making the taste of chocolate that much more pungent.

Cool Packaging

Toasted with real nut shells. Amazon


This option is unique because the Arabica coffee beans are blended with both chocolate flavoring and pinon nuts, giving rise to a medium-roast coffee with a subtle nutty flavor. You might even see the pinon shells when opening the bag!

Java with a Kick

This complex pick is certified organic. Amazon


This medium-roast coffee uses real spices to flavor the beans and is fair trade, certified organic and all-natural (no preservatives or artificial sweeteners). The beans are sourced from Mexico and Brazil and roasted in small batches in New York City.