Dark Chocolate Bars That Actually Taste Good

Dark chocolate is good for you—but some kinds can be really bitter or dry. We’re here to help you find the good stuff.

Chocolate is a rich source of plant chemicals known as flavanols, which studies suggest are good for your heart. Dark has far more flavanol-containing cocoa solids than milk chocolate, while white chocolate has none. If you’ve tried dark chocolate but didn’t like it the first (or second, or third) time around, give it another go with our picks. Enjoy!

Fair Trade Deliciousness

Just four ingredients, starting with cocoa beans. Amazon

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Dark chocolate is typically dairy-free, so it’s a popular choice for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant. Seattle-based Theo was the first organic, fair trade chocolate maker in North America, and they’re known both for their ridiculously high-quality chocolates and clean manufacturing practices. If you’re looking for a classic, deliciously sweet dark chocolate, Theo’s 70% bar is a great choice.

Naturally Sweetened

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Ignore the diet-y name: Fans of this tasty chocolate bark with roasted almonds rave that it’s a totally delicious treat. It’s sweetened with monk fruit, an increasingly popular non-caloric sweetener for people with blood sugar issues or those who follow a keto or lower-carb eating plan.

Rich Flavor

The percentage refers to cocoa solids, where the flavanols are found. Amazon

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The higher the percentage on the label of your chocolate, the more cocoa solids and flavanols it has. Though some people find higher percentage dark chocolate too bitter, Green & Black’s popular 85% dark chocolate bar is nicely balanced and has a delicious, sophisticated flavor. The brand uses organic, fair trade and United Nations-certified ethically sourced chocolate in their bars.