Cheers! 3 Amazing Gifts for Beer Lovers

Let’s all raise a pint to these unique beer-inspired treats.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
Cheers! 3 Amazing Gifts for Beer Lovers
These are the perfect presents for your beer-loving friend (besides picking up the tab on your next brewery visit). Getty Images

You could just treat the beer lover in your life to a fancy micro-brewed six-pack and call it a day. But we say up the ante and think outside the brewery with one of these treats, from the perfect cooler to fiery beer-infused hot sauce.

For Your Feet

These socks come with a bonus bottle opener.

These funny and quirky socks get their point across—the left one says, “If You Can Read This” and the right says, “Bring Me a Beer.” It’s a creative idea for the beer aficionado who loves to kick up his feet.

For Your Patio

For a cold one al fresco.

When the weather gets warmer, nothing beats sitting outside with drinks and snacks. Keep yours cool with this cool table-slash-cooler. So much prettier than that blue and white plastic one you drag to the beach.

For Your Tastebuds

Hot damn these are spicy!

Beer lovers know that beer makes a great addition to all kinds of recipes (beer-battered fried chicken is basically life changing). So why not beer-infused hot sauce? We like that this set comes with three different flavors featuring Sriracha, garlic and chipotle.