Air Fryer Accessories to Cook or Bake Anything With Ease

Get ready to up the ante on your air fryer!

The beauty of the air fryer is it leaves no excuses for mixing up healthy meals and treats for you and your family. And bonus? You can do so with very little hassle. Maximize that convenience with accessories especially made for the air fryer to help with everything from expanding your recipe repertoire to easing clean-up.

All in One

Includes a cake pan, pizza pan, metal holder, multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers, one silicone mat and egg bites mold with lid. COSORI


Look for an accessory kit that provides a variety of options from cake pans to skewers and racks. The benefit is you may be inspired to make something new in the air fryer that you didn’t know was possible—such as kabobs or a mini bundt cake!

Handy Helper

Get an even bake on all sides with this gadget. Frigidaire


If you want to air fry your food but don’t have the counter space for a standalone one, the best accessory to invest in is an insert tray that turns your oven into an air fryer. This ensures an even heat distribution and a fast cooking time.

Great Starter Kit

All pieces are dishwasher safe. MONYES


Two things that no air fryer enthusiast should be without? Silicone oven mitts to protect your hands from the extreme heat that air fryers emit and air fryer specific parchment liners. Parchment protects the bottom of the air fryer from everything from breadcrumbs to shredded cheese to flour.

For recipes that include everything from breadcrumbs to shredded cheese to flour—those items stick to the bottom of the air fryer. When they fall onto parchment liner instead, not only will they not make a bigger mess and burn—but also clean up becomes a breeze.