What to Look for in a Dark Spot Corrector for Glowing Skin

Hyperpigmentation can occur on every skin tone and type—here’s how to lessen its effects.

You wash your face and moisturize religiously, yet pesky dark spots still appear. Those spots—while annoying—are totally normal and usually caused by a build-up of extra pigment brought on by over exposure to the sun, acne or hormonal changes. Dark spot correcting creams and serums can help remove them, pulling double duty as they even out your skin tone and give it a natural glow. Here’s how to choose the best one for you.

Goes Deep to Even Complexion

This product can be generously used anywhere dark spots tend to crop up, including the inner thighs, underarms, knees and neck. Evagloss


A common and easily treatable reason behind dark spots is hyperpigmentation. All that means is excess melanin (the brown pigment that makes up your skin color) has formed deposits in the skin. To fade the spots safely and effectively, look for a serum with brightening ingredients such as kojic acid, phytic acid or L-ascorbic acid.

Keeps Skin Supple

This product can also be used to fade scars from breakouts. EnaSkin


If you’re prone to dark spots, dry skin can be a big factor. Your best defense is to use a corrector with moisturizer. It not only reduces the appearance of existing dark spots but also prevents new ones from forming. The first few days of use can still cause peeling, even if your corrector is formulated with hydrating ingredients, so be sure to follow up with your daily moisturizer on top.

Highly Concentrated

Promises results in four weeks. Admire My Skin


An exfoliant dark spot remover is an easy way to remove the top layer of your skin, leaving what’s below the surface to emerge smooth, clear and glowing. Something to mention is while dark spots aren’t permanent, they are preventable. Your best defense is to wear a layer of SPF 30 every day—even when it’s cloudy out or you’re mainly indoors.