What to Look For in a Vanity Mirror with Lights

Get peace of mind that your makeup is on point every time with a vanity mirror with lights.

Not every bathroom comes equipped with the essentials—good lighting and a quality mirror. And those are non-negotiable for daily beauty routines ranging from tweezing to pore inspecting to, of course, makeup application. Here’s what to look for in vanity mirrors with lights, so you can look and feel your best every day.

Best for All Angles

The 90° adjustable mirror is perfect for shaping eyebrows and sharpening eyeliner wings in the most comfortable positions. AirExpect


Not only do you want a mirror that shows every part of your face from close up to far away, you also want one that offers a variety of lighting. Rule of thumb? Use a warm light setting for a formal event that calls for heavier makeup; neutral if you’ll be wearing make-up outside, and the cool setting if you know you’ll be indoors.

Creates Glamorous Vibes

This includes a USB port so you can charge your devices while getting primped. FENCHILIN


Sometimes size does matter. And if you have the space, a tabletop vanity mirror provides big views with built-in quality lighting. By emulating the glamour of an old school Hollywood dressing room, it doubles as whimsical decor—especially when added on top of a dresser, desk, or vanity table.

Best for Close Up Treatments

Features 180 degree rotation to find the best angle. Wondruz


Magnification is one of the best features of any vanity mirror. If you need to zero in on an ingrown hair or apply something tricky, like eyeliner, then it’s a non-negotiable feature.