Blend Better: What to Look for in a Great Makeup Sponge

Score an airbrushed look every makeup application.

byChristin Perry| PUBLISHED Jul 8, 2020 1:49 PM
Blend Better: What to Look for in a Great Makeup Sponge
A makeup sponge leaves your base virtually undetectable. Getty Images

The humble makeup sponge can transform cakey foundation, blend stubborn cream contour and enliven over-powdered skin. Simply get it damp, then tap, tap, tap for flawless, even coverage, no matter what type of product you’re applying. Here’s what to look for when you buy.

You’ll always have a spare—or four!—when you opt for this product.

Save your skin by using a clean applicator every time you wear makeup. This pack of five beauty blender sponges ensures you’ll always have one in rotation while another dries after being cleaned.

Use the pointed tip to apply concealer in the inner corner and undereye area.

Once you’ve dampened your sponge, you can pounce the round side on your face for allover application, or use the tip to spot-conceal and blend out detail work.

The applicator expands to twice its size when wet for even application.

This versatile applicator allows you to use it both wet and dry, and the innovative outer layer won’t let your makeup sink in, causing you to use more than you need. The oval shape ensures even coverage for all parts of your face.