Three Unscented Lotions to Soften Sensitive Skin

They won’t irritate your skin or compete with your signature scent.

If your skin reacts poorly to added fragrance, or fruity and floral body lotions aren’t your thing, consider gliding on an unscented lotion instead. They’re just as nourishing as their perfumed counterparts, only they won’t compete with your perfume or turn heads if you use them as a hand cream in public. Here are our three unscented picks.

Classic Choice

This moisturizer sinks in fast to relieve irritation and scaly spots. Aveeno


Colloidal oatmeal is one of the gentlest, most nourishing skincare ingredients to look for. It’s made by suspending ground oatmeal in a liquid, like a lotion, and creates a barrier to trap moisture from the skin’s natural oils. It’s also anti-inflammatory, so you can soothe sunburns and severe dry patches.

Heavy Duty Hydration

Alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid exfoliate and soften. Eucerin


Physical exfoliants, like sugar scrubs, might be too harsh for sensitive skin. A lotion with chemical exfoliating agents, like alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and lactic acid sloughs away dead skin cells for a soft, smooth complexion.


This formula is known for soothing and protecting fresh ink. Lubriderm


A lightweight, nongreasy and unscented lotion is key for smoothing away the dry patches that come with fresh tattoos. It’s also convenient for sinking in quickly after a shower.