Three Features to Look for in an Effective Wax Warmer

Wax on, hair off.

Hair removal is an ancient art form dating back over 3,000 years. The process of hair removal first began in Egypt around 1300 BC, and even though technology has greatly changed over the millennia, the basics remain the same: Apply sticky substance to skin, cover with a piece of tightly woven cotton cloth and pull to remove unwanted hair. Voilà: you’re left with soft, smooth, hair-free skin for several days. Now we can speed up the job with wax warmers. Simply plug in the device, set it to the desired temperature, and add wax beads of your choice. In just a few short minutes, the wax is melted and heated, ready for use. So what important factors should you consider before purchasing your personal wax warmer? Keep reading to find out.

Adjust the temperature between 160 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit. NaturalRays


It’s important to know what temperature you can safely warm your wax to for optimal hair removal. For example, sensitive facial skin requires a lower heat setting to avoid burning, peeling or skin irritation. Thicker skin, like legs and arms, can typically withstand a slightly higher temperature. You’ll know your wax is at an ideal temp by looking at the consistency; it should be thick, gel-like and easy to spread, not so hot it resembles oil.

No need to bother with fabric strips. Just apply a thin layer, allow to cool and pull straight off. Yeelen


Keeping your hair removal equipment sanitary is seriously important. Be sure to choose a warmer with a removable wax container so you can clean it thoroughly between uses.

This combo pack has every single thing you need to recreate your professional spa experience at home. ILansley


Not all wax warmers are created equal. Choosing a warmer that can hold the right amount of wax for whatever job you need is key. For example: If you’re opting to use it for small surface areas, like the face or underarms, you only need a small warmer. If you’re looking to knock out a larger surface area, like the legs, opt for a warmer that can hold a higher volume of wax.