Soothe Stressed Skin with an Aloe Vera Gel

The cooling gel softens skin and relieves some of the pain and itchiness from a sunburn.

byAriel Wodarcyk| PUBLISHED Jul 9, 2020 5:40 PM
Soothe Stressed Skin with an Aloe Vera Gel
Your parched skin will thank you. Unsplash

Dry, sunburnt skin calls for somethings seriously soothing. If you don’t have access to the fleshy green leaves of an aloe vera plant, don’t worry—the cooling goop inside has been bottled and mixed with other heavy-duty moisturizers, like manuka honey and cocoa butter.

This formula is boosted with skin-softening Vitamin E and tea tree oil.

Gel is lighter than lotion, which means it sinks in faster for lightweight, non-greasy hydration. Cocoa butter adds a light, comforting scent and is intensely moisturizing. And when you mix aloe vera with tea tree oil, you get a combo that soothes inflammation and may even help ward off insects.

For an extra cooling effect, store this bottle in the fridge.

Some aloe products are made from powder, rather than the gel that comes straight from the plant. Products with gel contain a higher concentration of aloe vera, which means they’re hydrating and better suited for comforting a sunburn.

The plant is a great moisturizer for an itchy scalp and/or natural hair.

Mix up a conditioning tonic for your scalp by combining a few drops of gel with water in a spray bottle, and spritzing it on whenever your hair needs a little extra moisture, or your scalp is feeling itchy. Aloe has long been applauded for its moisturizing benefits on natural hair.