Satin Pillowcases to Protect Your Hair and Skin

Wake up, sleepyhead: it’s time to upgrade the pillowcases on your bed!

byCarla Sosenko|
Satin Pillowcases to Protect Your Hair and Skin
If you’re already sleeping in a silk bonnet, get ready to treat your skin to something special too. Pixabay

You’ve probably applied a face mask or moisturizing socks before bed, right? Overnight is the perfect time to take care of ourselves with zero effort. Enter satin pillowcases! While cotton cases can dry out your skin and give you major bedhead, satin keeps skin and strands soft and smooth. Plus, it stays cool if you run hot. These are the ones we’re dozing off on.

This machine-washable, zipper-free polyester-blend set comes in an array of colors to match your bedding.

First things first: satin isn’t a fabric. Satin refers to the weave of a fabric, meaning there’s silk satin, polyester satin, nylon satin…. (If you want to veer into serious fabric-nerd territory, there are different kinds of satin, too, such as charmeuse, duchess and panne, but there will not be a test later!) There are also different styles of pillowcase closure. If you have sensory sensitivity, opt for an envelope style—the pillow slides in like a letter into an envelope—or a hidden zipper, which keeps the metal inside the case and away from your face.

You get 600-thread-count high-quality hypoallergenic fabric that breathes.

Not all silks are created equal. Mulberry is considered the highest-quality and the softest—think of it as silk’s equivalent to Egyptian cotton—so it’s naturally great for sleeping on.

This single is made of charmeuse satin, which has a lustrous front but a dull back (that’s the part that goes inside, which nobody will see).

Ever wake up with weird creases and lines down your face and wonder what exactly you did in your sleep? Certain materials make us more prone to those, and they can eventually morph into wrinkles (eek). Sleeping on a silk pillowcase means bye-bye, creases.