Refreshing Facial Sprays to Perk Up Your Skin Anytime, Any Place

Ready, set, glow! Reinvigorate your face with one quick spritz.

Every beauty mister is different—some hydrate, some combat greasiness, some don’t do much more than feel good—but every one is a nice little addition to your skin care routine. Especially when you’re on an airplane (which circulates dry air) or somewhere arid and hot, this secret little thirst-quenching weapon will instantly come to the rescue.

Light Hydrator

Gentle botanicals, which are safe for all skin types, do the heavy lifting, so tight, dehydrated skin gets a refreshing spritz sans irritation. Mario Badescu

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One ingredient to look for in a facial spray is rose water. It’s antibacterial and has healing properties for scars, helps balance the skin’s pH and reduces inflammation and redness. To lock in hydration, give your face a few sprays as the last step in your regimen, after you apply your moisturizer.

Calming Pick

This formula is derived from a microflora called aqua dolomiae, which infuses the complexion with hydrating antioxidants. Eau Thermale

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Some other ingredients to look for in a facial spray: Lipopolysaccharides, for skin clarity and regeneration, and amino acids to help reduce itching and irritation. For an extra punch of refreshment, store your spritzer in the fridge and give yourself a few bracing sprays while you wait for the coffee to brew.

Certified Organic

Free of pesticides and preservatives. Mary Tylor Naturals

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Oily folks should seek out a spritzer with skin-clarifying ingredients such as rose or willow bark extract to help control shine. Some sprays also contain gentle exfoliators such as polyhydroxy acids to help sweep away dead skin and keep pores clear.

Fruity Favorite

This French brand uses vinothérapie in its products, utilizing the whole berry to boost radiance and its extract for calming. Caudalie

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The best part about a sensitive-skin-soothing mist is that the more you use it, the less sensitive your skin becomes. So go ahead and overdo it—”too much of a good thing” doesn’t exist when it comes to calming facial sprays.