Why Pink Lip Gloss Looks Good on Everyone

There’s a shade out there for you.

byChristin Perry|
Why Pink Lip Gloss Looks Good on Everyone
Find your perfect pink, whether it’s a bold berry or a my-lips-but-better rose. Pam Sharpe, Unsplash

Anyone can pull off pink gloss—as long as it’s a flattering undertone. Bubblegum pinks, fuchsias and strawberry-tinted hues pop on cool skin tones, while peachy pinks, bright corals and neons electrify warmer tones. Experiment with different depths according to your skin color too. The lighter or darker the pink is in comparison to your skin, the more your gloss will stand out. Consider these picks for light, medium and dark tones the inspo you need to find your perfect pink.

This classic light pink shade tastes like cake batter and slides on smooth for a nonsticky sheen.

A milky pink shade flatters fair skin and complements no-makeup makeup days. Light pinks tend to be more flattering on pale skin than a standard nude, because they mimic the lips’ natural rosiness.

If you’ve got olive skin, you can sport an entire palette of pinks. But this shimmery mauve gloss is packed with Vitamins A and E for lasting moisture, and provides a tingly sensation when applied.

Darker pinks, like coral, wine and mauve, enhance a golden glow in medium complexions for a look that’s glam but not overdone. Choose a plumping formula for maximum glossy effect.

If you’ve got a darker skin tone, rejoice! You’re one of the few that can rock this juicy hue. It’s bold, bright and the extra pigment makes it longer-lasting.

There’s nothing more stunning than a bright, daring pink lip gloss set against a dark skin tone. So if you’re looking for a bit more than a nude-colored sheen, opt for a bold hue that’ll turn heads. To tone down a simmering hot pink, or deepen up a too-light shade, simply line your lips with a brown pencil and blend with your gloss.