Our Favorite Eyebrow Defining Pencils and Gels

Achieve natural, bushy arches or dramatic, straight-across brows.

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Our Favorite Eyebrow Defining Pencils and Gels
Defined brows are just a few pencil strokes away. Unsplash/Kim Carpent

When it comes to styling your brows, the right product can help draw on realistic-looking hairs, or completely change the shape of your arches. Here’s how to shop for the best eyebrow defining pencils and gels, depending on the look you’re after.

A unique, teardrop-shaped tip offers perfect coverage in a shade that’s just right for you.

If you have naturally full brows, you may want a product that provides more coverage than one of those brow pencils with a tiny tip. This one allows you to fill in small gaps with one swipe, then expertly blend it with the included spooly.

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Ashy shades complement platinums and cool brown or black hair, while warm tones match golden blondes, browns and reds.

If you’re going for a natural look, keep your brow color one or two shades away from your hair color. A lighter shade will soften your face, while darker brows add more definition.

Slick this on with the included spooly for a quick, no makeup-makeup look.

Eyebrow pencils are great, but sometimes fail to produce that natural look you’re going for. This eyebrow mousse solves the issue, sweeping on with a mascara wand for an ultra-simple application.