Blotting sheets are just what their name suggests—highly absorbent papers that you simply “blot” on your face to help absorb oil from your skin. It’s for all skin types, leaving you with a more matte looking complexion. Here’s how to add them to your regular skincare routine, plus our favorite picks on Amazon. 

Made for On the Go

For both men and women grooming routines. PleasingCare

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The best way to get the most from an oil blotting sheet is to gently press the sheet against your skin just for a few seconds. Don’t rub as it can spread the oil around instead of absorbing it.

For a Fresh Face

Covers 25 percent more of your face and trouble areas. ZOROM’S

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There are a variety of ingredients that oil blotting papers are made from ranging from rice paper to charcoal-infused. Charcoal is a great option because it not only draws out impurities and refreshes your look but also they’re biodegradable, helping make the planet a better place!

Great for Your T-Zone Area

Each one measures at 2.3 by 3.3 inches. Beauty Kate

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The myth is you need “oily” skin to even have blotting papers in your arsenal. But they’re for every skin type, anytime your skin is feeling oily—especially in the summertime or when you wear more make-up than usual.