Moisturizing Shave Creams for Smooth, Soft Skin

Add a touch of moisture to your shower routine for touchable skin that looks amazing.

You expect soft, supple skin that’s super smooth after a shower. Bumpy, flaky patches post-shave may mean you need to switch to a more moisturizing shave cream. Here’s how to choose the one that’s right for your skin.

Multiple Formulas

Packed with premium ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil for optimal results. eos


A moisturizing shave cream with skin-protecting ingredients like mango butter, shea butter and coconut oil will give you a close, knick-free shave. And when you rinse it off, your skin will glow with a healthy moisture that lasts long after you towel off.

Super Foamy

This option won’t break the bank, but it will leave your legs feeling great! Skintimate


If that familiar foaminess is your favorite thing about shaving cream, you’ll love this product that combines a satisfying lather with nourishing ingredients like baby oil and olive butter. Vitamin E infuses your skin with extra hydration.

All Natural

This paraben-free product features plant-based ingredients that smell amazing. Tree Hut


A shave oil glides on smooth and even, so your razor won’t get clogged with excess product (and you won’t miss any spots).