Shower Better: Moisturizing Body Washes for Soft Skin

For luxuriously soft, supple skin, straight from the shower.

Woman in bath towel looking at herself in the mirror
A hydrating body wash keeps your skin glowing after you towel off.Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Regular soap can have a drying effect, especially if you shower often. If parched, itchy skin has you feeling down, reach for a nourishing body wash to infuse your skin with healthy hydration.

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Coconut oil, safflower seed oil and glycerin are all moisture-retaining go-tos to look for in the ingredients of your new body wash. Look for a formula free of sulfates to further combat dryness.

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Don’t trust your dry skin to just any body wash. Look for one without sulfates or parabens to retain your skin’s natural oils, and gentle ingredients that hydrate the skin, such as glycerin.

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Get In There

When dryness turns itchy, look for a cleanser that combines nourishing oils with a gentle exfoliant.Ogx

Sometimes dry patches need more than a gentle body wash to smooth away flakes. A gentle physical scrub, sans harsh exfoliants like nutshells or microbeads, will get rid of scaly spots. Just be sure to follow up with a rich lotion to seal in your new softness.

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Dry skin is often synonymous with sensitive skin, so look for a body wash free of irritating dyes and parabens. Skip the sulfates too—sure, they give your body wash a sudsier lather, but they end up drying out your parched skin more in the long run.

Also Consider:

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