Makeup Storage to Keep Your Beauty Products—and Countertops—Pristine

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s got the fairest, most organized beauty collection of them all? You do, with one of these babies.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Oct 8, 2020 2:51 PM
Makeup Storage to Keep Your Beauty Products—and Countertops—Pristine
Find that black eyeliner in seconds. Pexels

Hands up if you’ve ever gone through every purse, drawer and cabinet to try to find a lipstick, only to come up empty and have to settle for one of the 47 other shades you own. A makeup organizer will not only help you easily find all your products, but a transparent model lets you put your beauty booty on display!

Transparent-plastic modular cubes make finding whatever you’re looking for easy as pie. These come as a pair, so buy as many as you need, then pile them high or scatter them about.

An enclosed option with drawers will keep products dust-free, and it’s particularly good if you’re a butterfingers—there’s less chance of, say, knocking over an arrangement of nail polishes or watching a row of mascaras go tumbling to the ground (not that we’ve ever done that).

Different-Size Compartments
Removable Anti-Slip Mats
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Because no two beauty products are the same shape or size, neither are the sections of this clear style.

Drawers that are removable make it easier to clean, which you should do as necessary with soap and warm water. Just make sure to avoid any rough sponges—acrylic will get scratched.

Fun Carousel Style
Easy to Assemble
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It’s a merry-go-round! This spinner features trays that you can raise or lower, depending on the specs of your products.

If you’re not particularly product-loyal and like to try new things, an adjustable, customizable unit is a good bet, to accommodate the ever-changing assortment of heights, widths and shapes. That way it can grow (or shrink) with your beauty collection!