Lip Balms with SPF to Protect Your Pout

An SPF lip balm keeps your lips supple and protected, no matter how strong the sun’s rays are shining.

byChristin Perry|
Lip Balms with SPF to Protect Your Pout
A lip balm with SPF 30 or higher is your best defense against harmful UV rays. DeMorris Byrd, Unsplash

The delicate skin on and around your lips is just as susceptible to sunburn as your precious face—so protect your pucker with an SPF-enhanced lip balm. Here are four great options to choose from.

Sunflower seed and argan oils make this gloss extra softening.

No need to give up that glam glow you love when the sun is at its strongest. Simply look for a lip gloss that contains SPF. Whether you opt for a sheer look or a hint of sun-kissed color, a protective lip gloss is easy to reapply anywhere.

This three-pack of mouth-watering flavors is a great way to guard against harmful rays, while protecting the environment as well.

If Mother Earth is top of mind when selecting your skincare products, an SPF lip balm that’s vegan and cruelty-free should be a natural choice. Plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter soothe existing burns and nourish dry lips.

Water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes, this protective chapstick is part of a line of skin protection products from an industry leader. Keep your pout moisturized and protected at the same time with a high sun protection factor you can count on.

When you’re active outdoors, the last thing you want is to have to reapply your SPF lip balm over and over again. Choose one that’s water and sweat resistant for less time spent reapplying and more time spent doing the things you love.

Protect your pout in style when you slick on one of these three pretty shades. All natural ingredients and a smooth texture ensure maximum hydration and protection.

No need to trade in your signature bright lip when the sun’s rays are strong. Simply look for an SPF lip balm that contains a hint of pigment for a pretty hue that complements your no-makeup makeup look.