In-Shower Scalp Scrubs and Serums for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Make room on your shelf for scalp-centric products that reinvigorate your mane.

byCarla Sosenko|
In-Shower Scalp Scrubs and Serums for Healthy, Shiny Hair
Lather up and say “Ahhhh.”. Getty Images

First things first: Why do you need to give your scalp some love? Think about why you exfoliate your face and bod: to get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and product buildup. Same reasons you may want to try one on your scalp.

This research-backed pair contains niacin, antioxidants, oils and other botanicals.

Key ingredients to look for if growth is your goal in trying out a scalp treatment: argan, amla, tea tree and other nourishing oils; biotin, which supports hair health; and the energizing enzyme catalase.

This one treats the skin on your skull in multiple stages. Four solutions in one set calm your tingly, itchy head.

Scrubs and serums aren’t the only products that stabilize your scalp. Specialized shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like argan oil can help, too.

Beauty fanatics love this brand for good reason: The paraben- and silicone-free exfoliant purifies but is gentle enough for sensitive types.

A little bit goes a long way with a coarse salt scrub, so be stingy when you use it so as not to overdry your scalp (and to prolong your supply). Really take the time to work in the product and massage your head to trigger growth at the root while also relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Who couldn’t use that?