Better Arches: How to Use an Eyebrow Razor

Razors are a quick, beginner-friendly way to keep your brows in top shape.

byChristin Perry|
Better Arches: How to Use an Eyebrow Razor
Achieve defined brows fast without the pain of tweezers, thread or wax. James Reyes, Pexels

An eyebrow razor is a precision tool designed to be used on the super sensitive skin above your eyes. It can deliver excellent results, but it definitely takes some getting used to. Here are some things to consider before you buy.

A great choice for first-time users, this set features a stainless steel safety barrier that covers the blade for added confidence.

While shaving your eyebrows isn’t difficult, it definitely requires precision. If this is your first time using an eyebrow razor to shape and maintain clean arches, shop for one that comes with a safety shield. This can prevent nicks and cuts, which can be particularly painful on the thin skin of your eyelid region.

Avoid taking off too much hair when you use the included plastic cap. It covers most of the blades, allowing for more control.

When it comes to using an eyebrow razor, you may be concerned about uneven results and cutting too much hair. But a precision cover can help avoid worrisome mistakes by only revealing a small part of the blade. It’s great for detail work, like the space in between your brows or directly below the arch.

Designed to look like a ballpoint pen, this tool is perfect for removing stray hairs that pop up here and there. Simply move it in a circular motion for quick, easy maintenance.

Take the guesswork out of eyebrow shaving when you opt for a battery-powered razor. The tip is much smaller than most straight razors, so it’s ideal for precise shaping.