How to Use a Foot File to Smooth Rough Soles

Put your best foot forward with these extremely effective exfoliating tools.

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Give those piggies some love.Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Our feet take a pounding each day—in uncomfortable shoes, over uneven terrain, and under the force of gravity. So it’s no surprise that they often look a little rough. The good news: the right exfoliating tools can give your tootsies a complete makeover. Here’s the best way to calm calluses and tame tough skin for gorgeous feet you’ll be proud to show off.

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Soak your feet in clean, warm water for at least five minutes before using a foot file or rasp. The extra moisture will soften skin, help the tool glide over tough areas and prevent nicks.

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Calluses and cracked heels aren’t formed in a day—and they probably won’t come off in your first exfoliating session, either. Start small with gentle scrapes to see how your skin reacts and then gradually remove tough spots over a few sessions.

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Congrats, your feet are as smooth as a baby’s! Soothe your freshly exposed skin with a moisturizing lotion that’ll prevent tough spots from reforming. If you really want to treat yourself, massage your feet while you’re at it. Of course, beautiful feet are a journey, not a destination. Maintain yours by adding foot file or rasp sessions into your regular beauty routine.