How to Find the Best Makeup Mirror With Lights

Time to illuminate your beauty routine!

Tired of guesswork when it comes to applying your makeup and taking care of your skin? Use a lighted makeup mirror so you can tell exactly what you’re doing, no matter how detailed the job is. The best makeup mirror with lights is the one that tilts to any angle and offers a variety of lighting options.

Do-it-all Beauty Tool

Choose from natural, white, or yellow illumination for perfect application no matter the time of day. Amazon


Your makeup will look different depending on the lighting you’re in. The same application can look completely different in soft, romantic lighting than it does under those harsh office lights. That’s why you’ll need a makeup mirror with lights in three different tones: soft light, bright light, and natural light. You’ll be able to do your makeup to match the lighting you’ll be in.

Small-Space Solution

This product is backed in lightweight plastic and tucks away flat for easy storage. Amazon


Once you start using a makeup mirror with lights, you won’t want to go back. So be sure you’ve got one that’ll allow you to stow it in your bag for a weekend trip, or into your luggage for a longer get-away. Lightweight materials and fold-flat functionality ensure maximum portability.

Any Angle

Precise tasks like eyebrow tweezing and eyeshadow blending require enhanced closeups. Amazon


Many makeup mirrors with lights only feature a tiny section that’s magnified. But you can find ones that feature a much larger area of magnification. A makeup mirror that offers 10 times magnification makes even the smallest tasks possible.