How to Find the Best Anti-Frizz Hair Balm or Serum for You

Achieve faster styling and better results when you apply an anti-frizz product.

Some anti-frizz products are applied after you dry and style your hair, while others are meant to be slicked through wet hair straight out of the shower. In both cases, silicone binds to hair strands, adding silkiness and taming frizz. Learn how to find the right anti-frizz serum for you.

Cult Classic

Apply to wet or dry hair for a sleek look that’s never greasy. Paul Mitchell


For the ultimate in style flexibility, choose a formula that’s just as effective whether your hair is wet or dry. Slick a lightweight formula through fine hair to banish hairline frizzies without weighing down volume. Just be sure to apply the bulk of the product to the ends, and lightly tap the excess on the roots if you need frizz control there too.

Serious Sleekness

This patented formula is one you can trust to tame even the most stubborn types of tresses. John Frieda


If you have thick, curly or coarse hair, shop for an extra-strength product that won’t leave your hair frizzy by the time you dash out the door. Heavy serums applied to soaking wet hair will work to make your hair more manageable from the start.

Fruity Scent

A boost of argan oil delivers sheen and moisture to parched strands. Garnier


A touch of added argan oil can deliver softness as well as a sleek look to your anti-frizz serum. This can also help protect your hair from damage if you style with high heat every day. Remember, frizz can be a result of heat damage or dryness, so adding moisture to the hair cuticle can help smooth things out.