How Pimple Patches Work and When To Use Them

Blot out blemishes with a small but potent pimple patch.

Pimple patches work by delivering targeted treatment to affected areas to drain fluid and speed healing. Made with a substance called hydrocolloid, this squishy, plasticky material is used for a variety of skin issues, from basic foot blisters to large surface area wounds. When placed over a blemish, hydrocolloid draws and traps the fluid, while providing a protective barrier to keep the site clean and reduce picking and contamination. Wear them under makeup, while you’re sleeping or even exercising.

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Patches don’t address the root causes of breakouts, but larger patches can help alleviate discomfort and soothe redness. Look for a patch that reduces inflammation with ingredients like tea tree oil.

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Before using a pimple patch, be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly. Once the blemish is covered, the hydrocolloid drains the fluid and keeps it dry. Patches also keep you from messing with the spot and introducing skin oils and germs.

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Hydrocolloid patches offer 24 hour treatment, and many are specifically designed to be invisible no matter your skin tone. If you want a patch that can be worn under makeup, make sure the edges are thin so it looks virtually invisible against your skin.