Heated Hair Brushes to Straighten Your Locks Without the Pull and Tug of a Blow-Dry

Getting sleek, frizz-free locks that stay that way just became a whole lot easier.

Blowing out your hair is a multi-step undertaking. First you have to section it; then you need to hit each section with heat from a blow-dryer while brushing it out; finally, you go over the whole thing with a straightening iron. It takes major coordination and arm strength, not to mention that the heat and constant pulling can lead to split ends, frizz and tangles. With a heated brush, you can air-dry your hair part of the way, then run the brush through your mane a few times and voilà: sleek strands in half the time (and with barely any biceps endurance).

For Sleek Strands

A Moroccan oil coating hydrates, reduces frizz, and increases shine and color protection while it works. TYMO


A comb style is especially useful for targeting face-framing strands, baby hairs and bangs. If you’re the forgetful type, choose a device with an automatic shutoff setting. And always remember to apply a heat protectant to your tresses before using any straightening brush.

Adds Body

The oval design adds lift at the root with two heat settings, two speeds, plus a cool option. REVLON


If you don’t have time to air-dry, pick a combo heated brush that also works as a blow-dryer—the twofer is much faster than the usual blowout-iron routine. And consider what type of brush you usually like for your hair: If you use a round brush, pick a heated brush with the same shape to achieve the same voluminous result.

High Heat

A variable heat setting (up to 450℉) and ionic technology reduce frizz and add shine while you style. Drybar


If you’re looking for sleek, straight hair fast, keep it simple when choosing a heated brush: a flat paddle gets the job done without all the bells and whistles. Lower the temperature when straightening delicate baby hairs that are more prone to breakage, and turn it up to smooth stubborn sections in the back.