Hair Treatments to Make Your Crowning Glory Feel Salon-Special

These intensive masks will leave your hair healthy, glossy, and gorgeous.

byCharlotte Marcus| PUBLISHED Apr 2, 2021 3:56 PM
Hair Treatments to Make Your Crowning Glory Feel Salon-Special
Whether your curls need an extra dose of hydration, your color-treated locks are feeling crispy, or your scalp needs some TLC, there’s a hair treatment to help!. Jean Alves, Pexels

Whatever your hair issue, there’s probably a treatment out there that will go at least some way to providing a solution. From repairing damage and adding shine and manageability, to prolonging your color, and even taking care of your scalp, the latest hair treatments really deliver. Here’s a look at a selection of the best products out there.

Best for Damaged Hair
If you’re a fan of bleach and straighteners, you’ll know how delicate they can leave your locks. This works at a molecular level to restore bonds wrecked by heat and chemicals.

Hair treatments aren’t exactly a new phenomenon—the Romans and the Egyptians used to use natural oils to nourish their hair, but new technology means that there’s a whole world of science available to us that wasn’t available to them. The latest masks can actually repair damage caused by heat styling and bleaching, restoring strength and shine to brittle hair.

Best All-In-One
Can be used on damp or dry hair from mid-length to ends as a primer, leave-in conditioner, or shine-boosting finisher. A Light version is available for those with finer hair.

It sounds obvious, but read the instructions on your hair treatment carefully. Not all products are designed to be used in the same way—some may need to be applied to dry hair pre-shampoo, while others might need to be applied to towel-dried hair and not washed out. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of the product (and your money), read the label and follow it to the letter.

For Lots of Shine
Rich in natural ingredients, this intensely moisturizing cream detangles and hydrates, restoring gloss, manageability, and elasticity to over-processed locks.

Don’t feel that you have to pick your hair treatment product from the same range as your shampoo and conditioner. While some products are designed to give better results if used as part of a regime, they should still work as stand-alones. But if you are regularly using a lot of different products on your hair, you might want to consider using a purifying shampoo every couple of weeks. This will help to strip the hair of ingredients, such as silicones, that in themselves aren’t “bad” ingredients but, over time, can build up and dull the hair.