Facial Sprays to Hydrate and Refresh Stressed Skin

From dryness to redness—there’s a spray for that.

Facial mists are one of the most versatile, multitasking beauty products you can add to your arsenal. Spritz one on for an instant pick-me-up, over and under makeup, before or after moisturizing and even to amplify other skincare products. Here’s a few to consider if you’re new to facial sprays.

Cult Classic

Store it in your fridge for an extra refreshing and cooling boost. Mario Badescu Skin Care

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A rosewater-infused spray perfectly preps your skin before your makeup routine or freshens up as your day goes on. Stash the mist in your bag if your skin tends to dry out or your foundation starts looking cakey midday.

Seals in Moisture

This formula is gentle enough for sensitive complexions. Garnier

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Facial sprays are a great middleman for your skincare and makeup routines. Mist one on after you apply serum, but before you rub in moisturizer. The spray locks in the moisture of the product on top, creating glowing skin all day long.

Multipurpose Product

This doubles as a heat protectant and lightweight conditioner for dry strands. Simplified Skin

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A rosewater spray is an invigorating and gentle way to soothe skin that’s prone to redness and irritability. Rosewater has natural anti-inflammatory powers, so it’s great to spritz on as a toner or to boost the effectiveness of a sheet mask.