Eyebrow Tints to Keep Your Brow Game Strong

Define your brows with long-lasting color treatments that go the distance.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Eyebrow Tints to Keep Your Brow Game Strong
Make your brows look better with long lasting eyebrow tints. cottonbro, Pexels

Why would you want to tint your brows? Well, if they’re pale, it’s the equivalent of putting mascara on your lashes and, even if they’re dark, a tint somehow seems to plump the existing hairs giving your eyebrows a fuller feel. A long-lasting tint also saves time in the mornings as you don’t need to spend so long with colored gels and pencils.

Available in a range of shades to suit all skin and hair colors—combine more than one for a completely customized product.

Brow tints can also dye any skin that they come into contact with, so make sure you apply the product precisely—if the tint doesn’t come with a tool, use a spoolie or brow brush to apply. And if you don’t trust yourself, think about using a stencil to get the shape right and/or applying petroleum jelly to the skin around the brow so you don’t accidentally dye it.

Simply paint on this stain, leave for between 20 minutes and two hours, and peel off.

Not all tints are semi-permanent, like henna or dye. If it’s your first time dying your brows, consider a stain that lasts only a few days, so you can be sure you like the effect. And remember to do a patch test 48 hours before applying the product to your brows—not only will this let you preview the color, it also lets you know if you’re allergic to the dye before it goes on your face. Almost all of the permanent or semi-permanent brow tints out there use the same dyes that you’ll find in regular hair dye—whether it’s so-called natural henna or a regular box dye. That means they contain the same active ingredient (paraphenylenediamine or PPD) that can trigger allergic reactions in certain folks.

If your dye your arches regularly, these three sachets can be used over two dozen times. Just mix, apply, and remove after 15 to 20 minutes. Available in four shades.

Pick your shade carefully. Unless you’re looking for a very dramatic effect, you probably want to go one shade lighter than you think you need, otherwise, you’ll end up with very dark brows. And pay attention to the instructions on the packet—if it says to leave for three minutes, leave for three minutes, not five, before removing.