Have a Better Bath: Epsom Salts for a Soothing Soak

A quick and simple way to make your bath even more luxurious.

Woman sits in bathtub soaking in epsom salt bath.
Give sore muscles a well-deserved soak.Pexels

Epsom salts are a great go-to for making your bath more relaxing and fragrant. Here are some things to consider while you’re shopping for salts to soak in.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Epsom Salt Soak, Magnesium Sulfate USP, 8 Pound

Mild Blend

Enjoy regular baths with this affordable option.Solimo

One way to help establish a regular soaking routine is to choose a brand that’s not overly pricey. That way you won’t feel like you’re pouring money down the drain—the perfect way to enjoy a guilt-free soak!

Epsoak Epsom Salt - 2 lb. Relax + Refresh Bath Salts


Choose from soothing lavender, chamomile or a refreshing peppermint blend.Epsoak

An epsom salt with essential oils included can provide a light, pleasant scent to your bath. Light a candle, pop on a face mask and pick up your favorite book to create your personal spa oasis.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes of Pure Genuine Zechstein Chloride - Resealable Magnesium Supplement Bag That Will Outperform Leading Epsom Salts (8 lb)

Nice and Gentle

Formulated for sensitive skin, this product is free of parabens and fragrance.Ancient Minerals

These flakes are made of magnesium chloride, which dissolve fast and sink deeply into your skin to help soothe sore, achy muscles.