Electric Callus Removers for Baby-Soft Feet

Go barefoot and fancy-free!

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Jul 14, 2020 12:57 PM
Electric Callus Removers for Baby-Soft Feet
Smooth your soles with these these buzzy callus removers. Matheus Vinicius, Unsplash

Calluses can sneak up on you, making it difficult to wear your favorite shoes or feel comfortable showing off bare feet. If you’re taking on the task of callus removal yourself, an electric remover is an effective and efficient way to go. Here’s what to look for in these small but mighty devices that are ready to up your at-home pedicure game and give your feet the TLC they deserve.

Can be used for 45 minutes of exfoliating.

If you’re looking for everyday upkeep of your feet or you engage in activities that are rough on your soles, like running or dancing, you want an electric callus remover that comes with a variety of interchangeable roller heads. An extra coarse roller can tackle thick calluses that have really built up; switch out for a weaker, less invasive one for daily maintenance.

Four AA batteries are included.

When you make the sudden decision to swap sneakers for sandals, it’s key to find a water resistant callus remover that works on both wet and dry skin. With a water resistant remover, you have the option to soften your feet in a spa bath first or quickly take care of dry, rough patches before you rush out the door.

Adjust the speed to suit newly formed dry patches.

It’s all about speed when it comes to the size and thickness of a callus. Flip it on high to thin out a thick, stubborn callus, or gently smooth a budding rough patch with a lower setting.