Detoxifying Face Masks for Clean, Glowing Skin

They are not one size fits all. Find the best cleansing mask for your skin type to get glowing in no time!

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Jun 30, 2020 4:42 PM
Detoxifying Face Masks for Clean, Glowing Skin
Love the skin you’re in. Pexels/Anna Shvets

Detoxifying masks seem like a bit of an oxymoron: Most of us slather on a mask when we want a hit of hydration and save the cleansing for our face wash. But the best detoxifying masks do both—unclog pores and moisturize—all at once.

Mix up this DIY single-ingredient wonder paste with water or apple cider vinegar to create a magnet for blackheads and toxins that tightens skin while it works.

Bentonite clay gets deep into pores to absorb sebum (a.k.a. oil) and calm inflammation and redness. In addition to slathering it on your face, you can use it as a bath soak, hair mask and even a natural deodorant. Just note that a little bit goes a long way, so those with sensitive skin should try a test patch first or start with a quick 5-minute mask and adjust as needed.

An infusion of minerals gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation, resulting in refined texture. Hello, beautiful!

The mud of Israel’s Dead Sea is known for its naturally cleansing and nourishing properties, and that holds true when it’s transported into a face mask. Skin of all types, even combination and sensitive, can benefit from the healing ingredient.

Gentle enough for everyday use, this pick gets its cleansing power from botanicals like papaya, chamomile, sugar maple and good old aloe vera.

Gels, which are water-based, tend to be lighter than lotions and creams, so they’re a good bet for anyone with oily skin—but they may not be nourishing enough for those who tend toward dryness. A gel mask can also double as a post-wax or -extraction treatment, or an after-sun soother (pop it in the fridge first for extra cooling action).