Cuticle Oils Your Fingers Will Thank You For

You won’t believe how amazing your hands can look with a little extra TLC.

The first step to a professional-looking manicure? Well-moisturized cuticles. Used daily, a good cuticle oil can help restore moisture to skin and nails, reducing dryness and making your cuticles feel soft and healthy. Smooth on a drop before bed and top with a nourishing hand cream, or reapply the oil each time you wash your hands

Strengthen Your Nails

Bathe your nail beds in nourishing ingredients like lactic acid for maximum moisture. Cuccio


Cuticle oil can be safely applied many times a day, so packaging is important. After all, you’ll want to use it to the very last drop when you see the benefits it provides for your nails! Look for a professional dropper that delivers the perfect amount to each nail without messy spills and drips.

Natural Ingredients

With ingredients like sweet almond and bran, your hands will thank you. CND


Cuticle oil doesn’t have to be heavy or greasy to work properly. To the contrary, a lightweight oil has smaller molecules, which means it’s able to penetrate more deeply under the nail bed and start repairing dry, cracked cuticles from the inside out.

Convenient Size

Toss this small container into a makeup bag or purse for healing on the go. Bee Naturals


Moisturizing oils like jojoba and vitamin E are just right for soft cuticles, while essential oils lend a soothing scent. Opt for a formulation that contains both for a product that feels and smells wonderful.