Cotton Rounds for All Your Beauty Needs

Achieve even coverage and a fuzz-free look.

Think of cotton rounds as a sleeker, more efficient cousin to cotton balls. Their flat design makes them useful for a variety of purposes, helps you avoid using too much product and manages to swipe on skin perfectly without leaving behind a trail of cotton lint. If you’ve got a beauty need, shop these cotton rounds for a solution.

Ultra Absorbent

Made with multiple layers for increased performance. Cliganic


You want a cotton round that’ll stand up to tough jobs, like applying concealer or foundation without falling apart. Look for a pad that’s made with multiple layers of 100% cotton—this way, you’ll go through them more slowly and be able to conserve your stash.

Budget Buy

This hypoallergenic pad is soft yet strong. Solimo


As long as you’re purchasing from a brand you trust, there’s no need to shell out a ton of money for cotton rounds. Even if you opt for a lower price point, look for a product that’s 100% cotton and hypoallergenic so you know you’re treating your skin right.

Sustainable Pick

Made for repeated use to save the planet and your wallet. Greenzla


Cut down on the amount of waste you consume when you opt for reusable cotton rounds. Simply toss them in a small, washable bag when you’re finished and toss in the washing machine for a supply that won’t run out quickly.