Color-Depositing Shampoo to Give Your Hair Some Oomph

When you can’t get to the salon, you can amp up your hair color in the shower!

If you’re curious about changing up your hair color but a little gun-shy, color-depositing shampoos are the perfect solution! They add a hint of tint with no commitment—they wash out gradually—and can also be used to spruce up the hair color you already have.

Create Custom Hues

This sulfate-free vegan pick gives those with light locks a bold infusion and peeps with darker shades a subtle punch. Buy more than one bottle to mix and match your perfect tint! Celeb Luxury

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When it comes to color-depositing a vibrant or pastel hue, keep your expectations in check: You can’t go lighter without first bleaching your hair, so unfortunately, if you’re a brunette hoping for pastel pink locks, it’s not going to happen without a trip to the salon (or first bleaching your hair at home, which is very tricky). What you can do, though, is add loads of depth and dimension to a darker color, like with blue, purple, or red.

Perfect for Dark Shades

Violet pigments are especially great for brown-haired folks who bleach their locks. Bonus: This one is scented with yummy nectarine, vanilla and rose. MATRIX

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If your goal is color correction, opposites attract. For example, on the color wheel, purple is across from yellow—that’s why you need a purple shampoo to tone down brassiness (or orange tones) in blonde locks or to spruce up silver. Blue shampoo does the same for brunettes.

Kicks Brass to the Curb

This one cleanses and tamps down every shade of light locks, from towheads to brondies. It also adds shine and hydration. MATRIX

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It never hurts to wear a pair of plastic or latex gloves when applying color-depositing shampoo. Also make sure to rinse off any globs that have gotten on your bathroom tiles—or risk a stain.