Color-Depositing Conditioner to Give Your Hair Some TLC

Moisturize, tint, and soothe stressed strands in one easy step.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Jan 4, 2021 6:06 PM
Color-Depositing Conditioner to Give Your Hair Some TLC
Color fading fast? Give it a boost each time you wash with a color-depositing conditioner. Pexels

Changing up your hair color is a low-key way to reinvent yourself (it takes far less commitment than a haircut, which requires the dreaded grow-out). Color-depositing conditioners have come a long way, and they’re just the thing if you want to kick up your tint or maintain a salon job—with zero damage and only luxurious hydration as a result.

No Harmful Ingredients
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Gentle enough to use every day, this latherless cream rinse cleanses your strands without drying them out.

To double up on the color punch, choose a shampoo-conditioner duo! Boost your color even more by leaving the conditioner in for several minutes as you wash the rest of your body.

Worth the Splurge
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This one moisturizes, softens and strengthens, all while giving you optimal hue hold.

For extra staying power and a more dramatic effect, apply conditioner to dry hair, let it stay for at least 20 minutes, then rinse. This works especially well for fashion colors, like dreamy pinks and blues.

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This one is particularly great if you’re starting with damaged or sensitive strands.

The best part about a color-depositing conditioner? It fades little by little. At maximum, it should wash out in 25 shampoos. And if you ever need to speed up the fading process, you can rinse with a clarifying shampoo.